Geet (Rohit) Batra

Rohit Batra

Geet (Rohit) Batra

It inspires me to be a Lighthouse for those who are looking for a Non-Judgemental and a safe space and a Gardner for others who are looking for nurturing to Bloom the greatness they are that the world is yet to see.

Hi, I am an Access Bars Facilitator & Access Vision Correction Practitioner, I also work with chosen few Individuals in various capacities as a Certified Life coach and a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach.

I divide my time between my Life coaching Practice for people who wish to grow in their lives and empower them with Access Bars Workshop for illuminating the possibilities in their life.

Both the above methodologies are to help them be aware of what they know/ think/ feel they are not!

I have facilitated a wide spectrum of Professionals, Individuals and even Kids through my Workshops and stand by them even after they have completed the workshop.

Awareness is a Choice, What's yours?

Nothing in this world Happens as a Coincidence, You made a conscious choice to reach to my profile and when the Student is ready......The Master will Appear!

I have waded through Multiple Modalities to finally land in Access Consciousness and find my home here. 


I Believe you too can call it your Home.

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“Magic lies at the end of Logic! Awareness is a choice, Whats yours?”

- Geet Rohit Batra


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