Right Body for You Spotlight on Weight

One of the most judged things on the planet is our bodies. The Right Body for You Spotlight classes “shine a light” on common areas of body judgment and offer simple-to-use tools that can change how you function with and create your body.


“You’re too fat! You’re too thin!” Haven’t we all heard these expressions? What is interesting is that too fat or too thin have similar mindsets. What if what we eat has very little to do with how much our bodies weigh? What if it is our judgments of what and how much we eat, that is creating our bodies the way that they are? What if it doesn’t have to be a fight – and that it could be easy? Join this Right Body for You Spotlight class for fat and thin of it all!

Are you ready to create a new reality where what you weigh isn’t a fight, but a possibility?

This class clears the energy that weight is a struggle. It also includes simple tools to use that create immediate change in the area of Weight. Class booklet provided.

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