Right Voice For You - Unlock Your Creative Genius

Welcome to Right Voice for You - Unlock Your Creative Genius!

Have you ever heard yourself wishing that you were creative?  That you could create the things that other people seem to be able to do with a ton of ease? 

You may discover that there are no secrets and that you’re way greater than you even know! 

If you’ve ever

  • wished you were creative
  • wondered how people come up with all those ideas
  • dreamed about being a writer/songwriter/performer/entrepreneur/painter/sculptor etc
  • longed after every thing you’d ever lit up your soul on YouTube

 this may be the class for you!

 In Unlock Your Creative Genius, a 1 day RVFY class, you might:

  • discover your hidden creative capacities
  • find out there’s more to you than you’ve even been willing to know
  • leave having more of a sense of what you’d like to create in the world
  • have access to capacities that you didn’t even know you had
  • walk away with a greater sense of ease with creating
  • discover that writer’s block is just a myth and know how to out create it!

Right Voice For You

Welcome to this one day class of discovery!

Have you been seeking to actualise your creativity in the world?

Do you come up with 50 ideas a day and still find yourself not creating?

This class will engage you to break apart the blocks and stops that you have made so real and true for you.

Are you ready to get engaged with your life?