What Else Is Possible? 4 Part MegaZoom

What else is possible in every area of your life?

Is now the time to launch into new stratospheres of possibilities?

4 calls and 4 topics with 4 phenomenal facilitators:

  • Joy of Business with Simone Milasas
  • Wealth Creation with David Kubes
  • Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids with Brendon Watt
  • Being You with Dr. Dain Heer

All calls will be live on Zoom video (replays are sent out as soon as possible after each call). You can send in questions ahead of the calls. You will receive written as well as audio recordings of the clearings. How does it get any better than that?




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Call times

1. Exponentialize Your Business - with Simone Milasas, Feb 16 **NEW DATE AND TIME**
Have you acknowledged your LIFE is your business? What could you extrapolate and exponentialize to have and create a business and living beyond what you could imagine?

6 pm AEST
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2. Wealth & Money Creation - with David Kubes, Feb 18
What if wealth could be about allowing everything to contribute to adding more richness if all areas of your life?

10 pm AEST
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3. Parenting From Possibility Not Problem Solving - with Brendon Watt, Feb 20
What if parenting is about empowering your kids and you to choose greater while never giving in to this reality?

11:30 PM AEST
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4. Being You Beyond This Reality - with Dain Heer, Feb 27
Everything magic about you is beyond this reality. Ready to access more of the phenomenal, magical, miraculous you?

9:30 PM AEST
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