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Join a Party of Possibilities

You can find local Party of Possibilities Host near you by going to the online classes calendar and look for "View POP Hosts"

Learn more about attending a local Party of Possibilities by exploring our most frequently asked questions.

If you are an Access Consciousness BF or CF you can apply to create and host your own local stream party.

Attending a local Party of Possibilities can be wonderful when the class you’d like to attend is in another country or you can’t be there in person. Many POP hosts offer the stream on a large screen so you see and hear the facilitators almost as if you were live. You can meet other class participants and contribute to one another exchanging Access Bars and other body processes.

Not all Party of Possibilities happen at the same time around the world. If the live class is taking place on your continent, chances are your POP host will be livestreaming in real time. If it is somewhere else, a host may choose to have a pajama party or delay the date and time to stream the class, to accommodate local daytime hours.