Eva Ferjan

Eva Ferjan

Eva Ferjan


How are you ?

Looking always for more in your life ?

More ease, more joy, happiness, abundance ...?

and at the same less - less tension, heaviness, stuckness and automatisms?

Me either.

For years I am discovering approaches and ways to create happier and easier life.  First I do it for me and try all on my skin ;-) and then I share also with others on my workshops, classes, individual coaching.

By profession I am psychologist. Almost all my career (16+ years) I work with business people - whether facilitating outdoor experiential Team Building, leading various business workshops, coaching business teams and doing individual coaching with managers or key employees.

All the time I am looking for more, for what is beyond psychology and beyond obvious reality. So I went through various education of energy psychology, coaching, personal development workshops and was still looking for more. More for me and more for business groups and individuals I was working with.

So came once also Access on my way. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical ( so I know, if you are maybe feeling this way), but when I truly got it, it was like the new world opened to me. My life became much easier ;-), every day I wake up much happier than I used to . . . . I am so grateful that I chose that way.

I have found Access Consciousness and its speciality Joy of Business as a great contribution and upgrade to all I was working till now, so I became CF and JCF. I  look forward to going further, to discover on each class what else is possible in our lives we never even thought / dreamed before.

So here I am ;-)

Are you joining me on some of my classes?  

Want to do some individual breakthrough ?

Are you ready for a totally different reality with your money & business ?

What about your LIFE?

And what if YOUR LIFE is your CORE BUSINESS ?


So, what can I contribute to you ?


Yaaay . . . what all is possible for you that you never ever dared to dream about?



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“What if the purpose of life is to have fun ?”

- Garry Douglas