* 我們的影片有多種語言字幕。點擊影片右下角的設置將其開啓, 然後選擇一種語言。

Access Consciousness的第一個課程就是Access Bars®。在您頭上有32個點,只需輕輕觸及,便可毫不費力且輕松地釋放掉任何不允許您接收的阻礙。這就像點擊您計算機上的“刪除”鍵,所有限制您、造成您在生命中一遍遍重復同樣模式的思想、感受和情緒,就被釋放掉了。


成千上萬的人們已經利用Access Bars改變了他們身體及生命中的許多方面,包括睡眠、健康、體重、金錢、性、關系、憂慮、壓力及許多其它方面的問題。最糟糕的情況下,您會感到猶如剛剛享受了最棒的按摩,而最佳情況下,您的一生將會不費吹灰之力地變得更好。

Access Bars課程,是上Access Consciousness®其它核心課程前的必備課程,因為它能夠讓您的身體輕松處理及接收您所選擇的改變。










Access Bars Class

One Day Access Bars Practitioner Certification Workshop

Access Bars have helped me make a difference to my Coaching Clients in an Effective Way.

The Power of Question in Access is way effective and I have experienced the same in a different manner in Coaching practice.

Access is not just Questioning, But several other tools that help you live an empowering "Way of Life" and also Learn 32 Points on the Head, That you can touch for others and make them more aware.

Attend this Workshop if you Desire

  • To undo the Physical, Mental and Emotional pains from your Past.
  • For your Body and Mind to collaborate for a better life.
  • To dissolve your Barriers and Limitations that you have put up to block your receiving.
  • To dissipate hurdles and get the hell out of your own way.
  • For tools to change whatever doesn’t work for you, right then and there.
  • To explore the Magic awaiting at the end of your Logic.

Who can choose to attend this workshop

  • Anyone who wants to Learn tools to equip and change their Life Right Away.
  • Wants to be a Catalyst of Change to others around them
  • Want to grow and experience being Aware and more Conscious
  • If you get Bored Easily.

Get Certified

Access Bars Practitioner Certification Program lead by Geet (Rohit) Batra

Workshop & Certification Fee - INR 15000 (Globally Regulated Fee)

Free Participation for Kids below 15 years if accompanied by a Parent

Repeat participants or Kids of 16-17 Years pay an INR 7500

Plain and simple ease with the power of 32 Points on your Head

Touching them is almost like dissipating unwanted thoughts and emotions like you do with your cache memory and temporary files on your mobile and computer

You get an opportunity to gift and receive a session with other Access practitioners.


Most importantly, you have a judgement free space available where you can BE yourself and create greater, truly experiencing that “Universe always has your back”.


Above all, you will get a certification to practice it yourself and pass on the benefit to others around you.


Also, be a part of the worldwide Community attend Events and Learn together.